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true simplicity

kencko is a health technology company reinventing
convenient organic fruit & vegetables products.

We're obsessed with the idea of catalysing organic fruit & vegetables consumption in a convenient way.

And we believe in transparency, convenience and simplicity. No more ingredients only a chemist can understand.

the origin

kencko literally means healthy in Japanese. We chose to develop an identity where the K, is inspired by its corresponding japanese character.

no to junk liquids

We promise you. Here you won't see flashy artificial plastic logos, statements claiming zero KCAL and labels showing ingredients only a chemist can understand. We believe in a better way. You´ll see though colors from real organic ingredients, transparency so your eyes can prove it, and imperfection as mother nature won't give two identical crops.

created out of common problem

When I was diagnosed with acute gastritis, doctors told me that I'd have to take pills for the rest of my life. I decided I'd try to change my eating habits before giving up to a lifetime of medicine - and I cured myself by switching to a 90% plant based diet. When looking for convenient ways to carry it with me at all times, I couldn't find one solution, so I decided to build my own.

Welcome to kencko,

meet the team

Kencko was started with the simple believe that there should be a better way to eat fruits & vegetables. Its team of nutritionists, engineers, foodies, chefs and scientists are focused on creating products that are convenient, yet affordable to catalyze organic fruit & vegetable consumption, powered by data.
Tomás Froes
Eva Cabral
Marketing and Growth
Joana Rangel
Graphic Designer
Francisco Froes
Video Production
Maria Ana Carvalho
Francisco Pedreira
Carmo Mineiro
Graphic Designer
Frederico Sarmento
Web Developer

join our team

We're a fast-growing startup with offices in New York and Lisbon. We are hiring world class engineers, product developers, food developers, marketeers and business people, from supply chain managers to sales. Join our team to help speed the change needed in our food system.

Carry kencko with you wherever you go, whenever you want.